Ephemeral Coast Catalogue

Ephemeral Coast CatalogueThe catalogue for Ephemeral Coast, edited by Celina Jeffery is available as a free download, or paperback book from Punctum Books in New York. The book can be downloaded or purchased here: http://punctumbooks.com/titles/ephemeral-coast/

Brooklyn, NY: punctum books, 2014.
64 pages, illus.
ISBN-13: 978-0988234048.
OPEN-ACCESS e-book and $30.00 in print: paperbound/8.5 X 11 in.

The catalogue is a theoretical extension of the artists’ work presented in first installment of the exhibition in south Wales, UK. The catalogue discusses the curatorial process and incorporates essays by guest authors, who re-contextualize Ephemeral Coast, S Wales within discussions of regional climate change and cultural theory.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction — Celina Jeffery // Navigating Coastal Climate Change — Mary H. Gagen // Curating Ephemeral Coast — Celina Jeffery // ARTIST PAGES: Stefhan Caddick, Julia Davis, Fern Thomas, Gemma Copp // The Ephemeral Coast: On the Edge of the Otherly Realm — Ian Buchanan